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Pocket Watch Tattoos – How Timepieces Can Be Turned Into Body Art!

Pocket watches have a unique style and a vintage flair – and that’s made them a popular subject for still life paintings, sketches, and many other works of art. Perhaps most famously, artist Salvador Dali created “The Persistence of Memory”, a work of art that featured several “melting” pocket watches, scattered across a surrealistic, desolate landscape. And today, this tradition of depicting pocket watches in artwork continues – in an unlikely place! Pocket watches have become a very popular subject for tattoos! In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of our favorite examples of tattoos that incorporate pocket watches. Shattered Pocket Watch This tattoo is about as simple as it can get. It depicts a simple, open-face...

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Four Ways to Wear A Pocket Watch

Since the early 1700s, pocket watches have been the perfect accessory for one’s outfit. These classic timepieces are making a comeback and can add a level of sophistication to your sense of style. Want to add a pocket watch to your wardrobe? If so, here are four fashionable ways to wear it. Back to the Basics Although vests and suits look a little different from the 1700s, wearing a pocket watch in its traditional style adds certain amount of poise to contemporary fashion. Known as “the classic” the pocket watch can be worn with a vest pocket. As a rule of thumb, if you’re right-handed your watch should rest in your left pocket and vice versa. The theory is that...

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The Fashion Of Pocket Watches – Celebrities Who Accent Their Style With Timepieces!

For many, the rise of the wristwatch signaled the demise of the classically stylish, elegant pocket watch. For pure convenience, there’s no doubt – you can’t beat a wristwatch. But convenience isn’t everything. Even the most expensive wristwatches can’t compare to the intricate designs and sumptuous elegance of a classic pocket watch. Pocket watches are not designed just for convenience. They’re designed to make a statement, and to accent the style of every man. And recently, Hollywood celebrities have taken notice. The pocket watch has made a resurgence in recent years, as a luxurious accent piece that can complement almost any outfit. In this piece, we’ll take a look at a few celebrities who have used pocket watches to accent...

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